gong earrings

Stud Earrings
Inspired by the oscillations of a sound wave capturing the distinctive tone of a gong, the exquisite stud earrings from the Gong Collection embody a true work of art. These intricately designed earrings represent harmony with the present moment, urging a moment of pause and a conscious listening to both oneself and the world around us.
The Gong Collection invites you to linger in harmony with your own essence. The stud earrings present an extremely graphic and almost architectural construction. They can be worn either individually or as a complete ensemble on both ears, making a bold statement in jewelry.
Crafted from high-quality material, these earrings stand out not only for their lightweight nature but also for their stability and robustness. The matte finish imparts a refined and gentle touch to the material, emphasizing the elegance of the stud earrings. Wear these sculptural stud earrings as a daily reminder of the enrichment that mindful listening can bring to your life.