At Lera Guinsburg, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking creativity and bringing unique designs to life. Our partnerships play a vital role in achieving our mission of bringing meaningful contemporary art objects, that emphasize individuality and uniqueness through sound. By collaborating with talented sustainable suppliers, and like-minded organizations, we ensure that our creations reflect both artistic excellence and meaningfulness.."
Sound of
This is a project that brought together art and technology, childhood memories, and people's emotions. Lera worked together with Michael Ploj to transform the sounds into captivating cultural objects. Their creative touch infused the art-objects with a unique essence, resonating with the spirit of each city. This diverse synergy of skills and passion resulted in art-pieces that not only captured the sounds but also preserved the essence of each city's history, feelings, and character. Throughout the process, renowned city residents also actively participated, graciously sharing their personal feelings, impressions, and cherished memories. Their heartfelt contributions added a layer of authenticity, allowing each art-object to become a vessel of collective experiences and emotions.

As the project progressed, "Sounds of the City" blossomed into a remarkable collection of art installations that will be scattered across Ukraine. Each piece stands as a testament to the profound connection between people, their cities, and the world of sounds that envelop them. It is a celebration of shared memories, cultural heritage, and the unyielding spirit of unity among the citizens. In the end, the project's success not only lies in the awe-inspiring art-objects themselves but also in the powerful sense of community that was fostered throughout. It has become a beautiful example of how art and technology can merge to create something truly meaningful and deeply touching. 'Sounds of the City' is more than just an art project; it is a tribute to the harmony of humanity and the soul of each city, forever resonating in the hearts of all who encounter it.
Not just schmuck
NotJustJewellery is a project by Michael Ploj and Lera Ginsburg. NJS is a collection of wearable sound sculptures created in collaboration with various musicians and sound artists.

We don't believe in the beauty of inconsequential forms.
With NotJustJewellery we want to create close connections between people and non-visual arts like sound and music.

Sound1 is our collection and embodies our intention and passion to make the invisible visible. It is a series of organic forms, grown from code and fertilised by the voice of vocal artist Polina Limye.