From Sound to Form
meaningful contemporary art objects, that emphasize individualism
and uniqueness of clients

Any sound that is meaningful to the client (memory, associations) can be turned into a unique object of contemporary art (jewelry, home decor or sculpture), either by the client himself/herself, using online Sonic Design tool, or created by Lera Ginsburg personally - contemporary art.

How do we work
sound search and analysis
Together with the client we look for the sound that is important to them and analyse it for further work.
finding a way to generate a form
We work in different ways to create the form. The form can be generated using our programme, which we have specially created for this project, or by creating new algorithms for a specific task. Lera Ginzburg also creates free forms according to her author's system.
object creation from sound
By creating a variety of shapes, we once again compare sound and shapes to find the strongest statement for a particular sound.
object production
The final step is the choice of material. If it is a modern piece of jewellery, the material can vary from bronze to plastic. For larger objects it can be recycled plastic, metal or clay. We are constantly looking for new materials to expand the variety of textures and tactile sensations.
Look at a few snippets of our featured projects