earrings sound 2

not just schmuck
Earrings crafted from high-quality 3D-printed plastic, adorned with silver studs and clasps. The ear studs exude an organic and graceful aesthetic, despite being exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to wear. Their extravagant form transforms them into unique wearable sculptures.

NotJustSchmuck is a project by Michael Ploj and Lera Ginsburg. NJS is a collection of wearable sound sculptures created in collaboration with various musicians and sound artists.
We don't believe in the beauty of inconsequential forms.
With NotJustSchmuck we want to create close connections between people and non-visual arts like sound and music.

Sound1 is our first collection and embodies our intention and passion to make the invisible visible. It is a series of organic forms, grown from code and fertilised by the voice of vocal artist Polina Limye.