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Ring "vsebudeuktaїna" made of brass

Ring "vsebudeuktaїna" made of brass

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A ring from the UKRAЇNA collection

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, this phrase has had incredible power for me. Just three words that have the power to inspire hope, give support, urge for new solutions, shake and embrace. How many times have I been struck by the power of those words.

It is very important to our team that this collection is a reminder of upcoming victory, a declaration of love, admiration and gratitude. 

This ring is based on one of my favorite fonts - Mariupol.

Mariupol is the first city typeface in Ukraine. It was developed by the creators of the Mariupol brand - typeface designer Andriy Shevchenko and artistic director of the project Sergiy Rodionov. They claim that the writing of the city of Mariupol has a Priazov character. The script contains Cyrillic, Latin and Greek letters, numbers and symbols. 

A portion of the proceeds goes to the charity North German Aid Staff for Ukraine.


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And in that moment I realized that jewelry is not just an element of decoration, but a symbol that reflects our state of mind while giving us joy and understanding of the value of the moments that make up our lives.