about me

The inexhaustible passion for art runs like a line through my whole life. Growing up in a family of musicians and the intensive time as a violinist have particularly shaped me. My grandmother sparked my love for the art of goldsmithing when I was a child by showing me precious jewels from Africa.

After I had learned the goldsmith's craft, I gradually realized my long-standing dream of my own jewelery label with an extravagant design language. With Lera Ginsburg Jewelry, my goal is to transform my ideas into wearable art objects and to give women the opportunity to express themselves down to the smallest detail.

For me, pieces of jewelery are not just accessories – they are much more like a unique handwriting. Our existence is filled with feelings, visions and memories. Jewelry can make all of this visible by creating space for one's own essence.

My intention is to use significant accessories to encourage enthusiastic, discerning women to preserve their authenticity and give their appearance even more strength.

The artful-looking collection series are either made by hand or 3D-printed in limited quantities. The result is exclusive accessories that accentuate basic looks as well as breathe statement appeal into outfits.

Lera Ginsburg