“Jewelry is like a personal signature that reflects who you are.”

The inexhaustible passion for art runs through my whole life. I was especially influenced by growing up in a family of musicians, and myself had a great deal of practice as a violinist. As far back as in my childhood, my grandmother cultivated my love for the art of a jeweler, showing me the precious stones from Africa. Over the years, I have felt that my inner melody and thoughts would later find an entirely different expression.

I realized that the attractive power of jewelry always fascinated me, and I would like to share this fascination. On having learned the craft of a jeweler, I gradually realized my old dream of owning a jewelry label with an extravagant design language. With the jewelry of Lera Ginsburg, I was able to turn my ideas into wearable art objects and give women the opportunity to fulfil themselves to the finest detail.

My Story

1980 born in Lviv, Ukraine
1987 School for musically gifted children, Lviv
1997 University of Music and Performing Arts, Mannheim
2000 - 2005 Concert tours and chamber music projects
2002 - 2005 Postgraduate studies as a solo-violinist, Mannheim
2006 - 2008 Training as a goldsmith, Hamburg and Montreux
2010 - 2013 Music analysis for visualization of melodies. Graphic representation of music and transformation in jewelry designs
2006 - 2014 Creation of “Montreux” collection
2016 Concept of the brand Lera Ginsburg Jewelry
2017 Jewelry production with 3D printer
2015 - 2016 Creation of “Octo,” “Ahoy,”, “Historia Urbis” and “Sofya” collections
2017 Establishment of Lera Ginsburg Jewelry

Lera Ginsburg Jewelry invites you to be curious, courageous and experimental. Sometimes it just takes a perfectly fitting gimmick to make everyday life a bit more colorful and happy...

For me, jewelry is not just an accessory - it is more like a unique handwriting. Our existence is filled with feelings, visions and memories. Jewelry can make all that visible by creating space for its own essence.

Even the most confident and strong personalities find it not always easy to keep the balance between tough time management, success and individuality. My intention is make the enthusiastic, sophisticated women bethink themselves while wearing the salient accessories that preserve their authenticity and give their appearance even more strength. In doing so, I focus on creating extraordinary pieces of jewelry that exert a magical attraction on the wearer and viewer. The multi-faceted Lera Ginsburg Jewelry designs range from minimalist and romantic to vibrant and mystical. In limited quantities, the artfully designed collection series are either hand-made or 3D-printed. The result is the exclusive accessories that can both accentuate basic fashion tendencies and inspire the Outfits Statement-Appeal.

Lera Ginsburg